The Interviews

Thank you to the wonderful women who allowed me to interview, collaborate with them and share their stories.


Rachelle is on her way to becoming an Interior Architecture and Spatial Design taking up her place at University in the new academic year. Rachelle is also one of my best friends as she is my little sister.


Daniella is a Construction Design Coordinator based in Cambridge. Daniella and I grew up together and I am so glad she let me interview her about parts of our shared experiences growing up which we had not gotten to speak about until now.


Alex is a London based Graphic Designer and Artist. I met Alex at University and as Black women in working towards careers in an industry and where there are so few women and Black people I have felt grateful to be able study beside her.


Chenai is an Art Director and Film maker based in London. Chenai and I met when we first moved to London, until now we had not realised the parallels of our interests and experiences. To be able to speak about this unique occurrence has been rich, valuable, and to a certain extent freeing to feel understood in something we may have felt alone about before.

This project is ongoing and there are so many stories to tell if you would like to take part in the project and share your story.
Please get in touch.