Relevant Histories

 School is a huge part of any coming of age and quite literally shapes our thoughts and opinions. History and how it relates to pupils on a personal level is important in the construction about how we view our national history. The national curriculum largely omits Black history and Black Britons despite the role of Africans and Carribians throughout Britains colonial history and before.

My first introduction to Britain's history and what it has to do with my personal history came through visiting Cape Coast in Ghana a site of resistance to British Colonialism by the Ashanti and also a Slave trading port. In visiting my countries of heritage I learned more about the British Empire and the resistance to it than I ever did at school.

No child should feel erased from their national history let alone fear it being discussed for anxiety of being misrepresented. The national curriculum is for all, Black history is British history, Black experiences are British and this needs to be reflected in the writers, histories and experiences we learn about.